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Executive MBA

Student Profile

Tracy Muller

Life Motto

"It is difficult to say what is impossible for the dream of yesterday, is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."
   — Robert H. Goddard


Tracy Muller

Eller Executive MBA '11

Undergraduate Degree

  • Rehabilitation Psychology
    University of Central Missouri

What motivated you to continue your education through an MBA program?

To pursue a leadership role in administrative activities for people with developmental disabilities.

Why did you choose Eller?

I wanted an MBA from a nationally recognized university that maintained face-to-face interaction between faculty and students.

As an EMBA student, how have you dealt with the stress of going to school while working?

To maintain a balance between work, family, and school, I coordinate a schedule to fit all needed activities into the week. Support from my family has been critical to step out of the house for study time.

Where are you currently working and what are does your position entail?  What about past work experience?

Since enrolling in this program, I was offered and accepted a new position as center director for AFH, an organization supporting people with developmental disabilities for almost 50 years. I supervise 60 employees and am responsible for service delivery at nine different locations in Maricopa and Casa Grande, Arizona. I have “grown up” in the field of developmental disabilities and have experience in many of the jobs available in this field, from direct care to support coordinator, from quality assurance to administrator.

What are your career aspirations and how do you see Eller’s MBA program benefitting them?

In the government and nonprofit sectors, more people are needed with an understanding of business to help them advocate for people in their service delivery system. If we can speak and understand similar languages as is present in the for-profit segment, then we can build partnerships that can benefit the people we serve and help us become sustainable regardless of budget and political situations. I hope to be one who can use this knowledge to blend profits and nonprofits to benefi tour communities.

How are your studies with the Eller MBA program relevant to your current job or career goals?

An understanding of economics, cash flow, statistics, and other topics is very helpful in obtaining information to make decisions, evaluate our program, and most importantly, build relationships to help our financial situation. Financial security benefits our ability to deliver high-quality services to people with developmental disabilities.

What are you passionate about and how does Eller’s MBA program help fulfill that?

I am passionate about helping people to discover their full potential. Eller is helping me to fully develop analytical skills that will compliment my human service background. Ultimately, my MBA compliments my rehabilitation psychology degree and work history in a way that will enhance my ability to bring diverse, creative, and innovative perspectives to the work I do in a variety of different roles.

Who is your role model or someone you aspire to be like?

There are numerous individuals in the field of developmental disabilities who have maintained consistency of their values and actions. They have devoted 30+ years to helping people with developmental disabilities. As these role models retire or move on to the next stage of their lives, I see it as my job to continue where they left off to ensure people with developmental disabilities continue to progress on their journey toward independence and economic self-sufficiency.

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