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Full-Time MBA

Meet Eller MBA Students and Alumni

Eller MBA students and alumni come from a rich mix of geographic, academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds.

Tayo Tolulope AkanniTayo Tolulope Akanni
Eller MBA '11
"I went to a large university where most of my classes were taught by graduate assistants in rooms with hundreds of students. There's no match for the quality of classroom discussions initiated by well-versed professors at the Eller MBA, as well as my intellectually curious colleagues."
Abhilasha ChadhaAbhilasha Chadha
Eller MBA '10
"My passion for marketing grew during my career at L&T Infotech and I knew I had to do an MBA to shift my functional area. The Eller MBA gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion and helped me gain all the necessary skills for me to work in marketing."
Kelly CummingsKelly Cummings
Eller MBA '11
"I chose the Eller MBA program because of the small classes, a closer relationship with professors, friendly faculty and staff, warm weather, proximity to Mexico, and the potential to use my Spanish-speaking skills."
Jesus Serena FuentesJesus Serna Fuentes
Eller MBA '11
"I am passionate about my family business and the Eller MBA program is helping me by providing a thorough understanding of business, from operations to strategy."
Leigh JedeikinLeigh Jedeikin
Eller MBA '09
"My most notable experience was the Eller MBA consulting project. This experience involved a multidisciplinary approach to thinking about business strategy and allowed us to consolidate all of our classroom experience and apply it to real-world corporate projects."
Todd LeberTodd Leber
Eller MBA '10
"I am passionate about principled/visionary leadership, effective communication, and responsible investing (particularly in real estate). My Eller coursework, GTA, and role as the MBA Student Association president gave me the opportunity to practice and further refine these passions."
Felipe de Mello e SouzaFelipe de Mello e Souza
Eller MBA '11
"Few schools matched Eller in terms of value — getting a high-quality MBA and graduating with little to no debt is a hard offer to turn down; additionally I had never been to the Southwest and the appeal of the desert landscape, good hiking, and fantastic weather was hard to beat."
Lauren RussellLauren Russell
Eller MBA '08
"Eller gave me the opportunity to work in teams. There is never a situation in which one person can effectively get all of the firm’s work done (and stay sane). Delegation is a very important part of my job today, as well as the ability to trust the people who work for me, and feeling comfortable giving them responsibilities so they can learn and grow."

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