Engaging with Students

NBMBAA 16You can be as active as you would like in engaging with Eller MBA students.

Below are a few examples of ways for you to engage with the Eller MBA students. If you would like to get involved in any of the following items, or if you have any new ideas of how to engage, please connect with Jen Maiorany, Director, MBA Career Management. 


Information Sessions

Vary by structure and nature. The most common type of information session comes in the form of a company presentation with a Q&A discussion.


Career Trek/Site Visit

Company site visits, or career treks, are opportunities for the employers to open their doors and showcase who they are at their core to the Eller MBA students. The structure of a site visit (career trek) varies from company to company. Some common components include a tour of the facility, interactions with employees at various levels, presentations, and Q&A discussions. The Eller MBA Career Management Team will work with you on creating a mutually beneficial experience. 


Mock Interviews

A great way to meet students and help them improve on their skills is through mock interviews. Mock interviews can be conducted in a variety of ways: live on-campus, via telephone, or via Skype. Eller MBA students always appreciate the time employers take to help hone their interviewing skills and make a professional connection.


Networking Events/Career Fairs

Eller MBA Career Management hosts one networking event/career fair per semester. It is a great opportunity to engage with the students, develop an on-campus brand presence, and develop a rapport with the Eller MBA Program.


For additional information, please contact us.