Eller Executive MBA studentHow often in your career do you tackle a challenge with a single factor to consider? Imagine re-structuring operations without considering information management, or marketing a new service without considering competitive position in your industry.

Designed from the Ground Up

The Eller Executive MBA program was designed from the ground up with the understanding that real management tasks integrate elements from multiple business domains. In lieu of 18 separate courses in accounting, statistics, MIS, and other discrete topics, the program links 12 modules, each one integrating multiple elements of business and management aligned with the way you need and use information in the real world.

In a distinctive structure of integrated modules in lieu of discrete courses, the Eller Executive MBA delivers 47 academic units addressing critical business and leadership constructs inherent in the value chain of organizational activities.

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An international trip in to explore business operations and opportunities in an emerging economy adds unsurpassed first-hand learning to the module on global financial institutions and competitiveness.

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Advanced Education

Because admission to the Eller EMBA is reserved for senior-level managers and accomplished professionals, the curriculum bypasses some of the more basic knowledge sets of a typical MBA program. Much of the curriculum specifically addresses the leadership knowledge critical for success in today's markets driven by technology, information, and innovation.


Real-Time Knowledge Transfer

The Executive Project forms a cornerstone of the Eller Executive MBA experience. Early in the program, participants identify a challenge or initiative they face in their work. They then address that challenge systematically, applying knowledge from each module to resolve the challenge step by step. By the end of the program, the completed Executive Project stands as tangible return on investment, having simultaneously increased both personal and organizational capacity.


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