Course Calendar

The Eller Executive MBA course calendar below provides an overview of the EMBA modules and course schedule for the upcoming Executive MBA cohort.

This course calendar is subject to change.

Pre-Module: Quantitative Intensive
Topics: Quantitative Analysis, Microsoft Excel Basics, and Case Study Primer
Provides a refresher in business math, statistics for decision-making, quantitative analysis, and Microsoft Excel to ensure that participants maximize their time in the Eller Executive MBA from day one.
BNAD 515: 1 unit: Tucson Campus; Jul 27-31, 2016
Module 1: Leadership and Teams
Topics: Leadership and Teams
Effective negotiation skills are a must for high performance leaders. This module provides an integrated leadership framework for organizational success, combining leadership and negotiation strategies to provide the participants with actionable ideas they can implement immediately.
BNAD 501: 4 units: Begins at Tucson Campus; Jul 27-31, 2016 (Tucson); Aug 12-13; Concludes at Phoenix Campus Aug 26, 2016
Module 2: Strategic Decision Making
Topics: Statistics and Managerial Decision Making
Today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace requires that senior managers possess the practical analytical skills needed to manage the financial and tangible resources of a firm. This module introduces executives to the most current tools and frameworks for data analysis and decision making to lead organizational change.
BNAD 516: 3 units: Aug 27; Sep 9-10; Sep 23-24, 2016
Module 3: Performance of the Firm
Topics: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting
This module examines corporate financial statements with attention to the inherent strengths and limitations of reported financial information and its use as input to business decisions. Participants gain exposure to the fundamentals of capital structure alternatives, reporting and disclosure issues, liability identification, equity development and key measures for managing organizational performance as they relate to competitive strategy.
BNAD 502: 4 units: Oct 7-8; Oct 21-22; Nov 4-5; Nov 18, 2016
Module 4: Managing Human Capital in Changing Organizations
Topics:  Strategic HR and Organizational Development
An organization’s success relies on continually assessing current capabilities and identifying gaps in key areas. This module covers methods for managing people in an organization during times of organizational change. Executives explore means for developing people, leveraging diversity, managing talent, and aligning the organization with the individual’s goals.
BNAD 512A: 4 units: Nov 19; Dec 2-3; Dec 16-17, 2016
Module 5: The Competitive Landscape
Topics: Managerial Economics and Corporate Strategy
Modern businesses face a range of strategic imperatives: exploit evolving technologies, implement new combinations of virtual and physical activities, and optimize value chains. In this module, executives examine the critical strategic and economic issues inherent in today's traditional and electronic marketplaces, identifying barriers to success, learning techniques for distilling complex business challenges, and exploring methods for combining economic principles with current research for sound corporate strategies.

BNAD 504: 4 units: Jan 13-14; Jan 27-28 (Jan 27-28 class weekend takes place in Tucson); Feb 10-11, 2017

Module 6: Financial Structure and Valuation
Topics: Corporate Finance and Finance Valuation
As agents serving owners and stakeholders, managers must implement strategies that maximize the value of an organization, a process that begins with understanding the best methods for calculating value. Participants gain exposure to the fundamental concepts and techniques associated with corporate financial management, asset valuation models and methods for assessing organizational performance.
BNAD 517: 4 units: Feb 24-25; Mar 10-11; Mar 24-25; Apr 7, 2017
Module 7: The Customer Value Proposition
Topics: Marketing
Course focuses on growing a profitable enterprise by understanding how to identify, evaluate, and manage key components of the Customer Value Proposition.
BNAD 503: 4 units: Apr 8; Apr 21-22; May 5-6; May 19, 2017
Module 8: Business Law, Governance, and Corporate Ethics
Topics: Corporate Law and Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Ethics
Organizational leaders must be able to navigate the complex legal environment and fully understand the role of corporate governance in stakeholder relationships, strategic planning, and corporate performance. At the same time, today's attention to the social impact of business has made ethics more important to organizational success than at any time in recent history. This module combines these topics to explore the interplay of law, stakeholder interests, corporate ethics, financial performance, and social return on investment.
BNAD 509A: 3 units: May 20; Jun 2-3, Jun 16, 2017
Module 9: Strategic Operations and Technology
Topics: Information Technology Strategy and Operations Strategies and Processes
For most enterprises, Information Technology (IT) is a core component, even strategic, in its operation. It is imperative that the global manager, regardless of role, understand the vocabulary and key concepts of IT, the IT value proposition, and how to effectively align IT with the overall enterprise. 
BNAD 507A: 4 units: Jun 17; Jul 7-8, Jul 21-22; Aug 4, 2017
Module 10: Negotiating Strategically
Topics: Negotiations and Negotiating
The major goal of this module is to make you a better negotiator. Like any new and subtle skill, this is easier said than done. Negotiation is not merely a bag of tricks (although, there is some of that to be sure!); it is a skill developed over time, with much thought, practice, and honest self-evaluation. To achieve this goal, the module devotes a large proportion of class time doing role-play negotiations and another significant portion of time devoted to reading and thinking about current research in the area. The combination of the two allows students to make the most strides to being a better negotiator.
BNAD 596A: 2 units: Aug 5; Aug 18-19, 2017 (Aug 18-19 class weekend takes place in Tucson)
Module 11: Global Business Perspectives
Topics: Innovation and New Product Development, and Capstone Project
The permeability of geographic boundaries, migration of labor and capital, and unprecedented access to information has created a global market that is increasingly competitive. Today's leaders face a multitude of opportunities and challenges in the international landscape: fluctuating exchange rates, evolving demands in new markets, and consumer trends in transitioning economies around the globe. Combining an international trip to a dynamic part of the world with varied class activities, this module delivers immediate skills for leadership in international markets.
BNAD 511: 6 units: Sep 8-9; Sep 22; International trip in the time frame of Oct 6-15; Nov 17, 2017 (post-trip class)
Module 12: Strategic Innovation
Topics: International Business and Global Finance 
This module will examine the innovation process including the development of the business case necessary for achieving success in the market. In the course of the module students in teams will be expected to define the scope, timelines and milestones for completing their business case. In addition, they will apply the learning from this module to plan a product or service introduction from their assigned company.
 BNAD 505: 4 units: Sep 23; Nov 3-4; Nov 18; Dec 1, 2017 (Capstone Presentations)
MBA Graduation
Convocation Ceremony
 Mid-December 2017 in Tucson; exact dates TBD


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