Global Experience

Asia old and newOrganizational leaders in the 21st century need to think globally. The Eller Executive MBA immerses students in an international market as the backdrop to learning in the Global Business Perspectives module. Recently, for example, Eller Executive MBA students examined global competition in a ten-day guided exploration of Thailand and China.

With a rapidly evolving economy and growing geopolitical influence, China holds many of the world's most dynamic regions today. The complexities of its transitioning markets make it an ideal study for organizational leaders. Thailand provides a contrast in the Asian region.

Participants first visited Bangkok. Thailand's business climate is slightly damaged of late due to political uncertainty; however, Thailand features growing industrial activities and has become one of the world's largest manufacturer of light-duty trucks.

Next, the program traveled to Shanghai. With a long tradition of American, British, and French commercial presence, the city is quickly replacing Hong Kong as the leading commercial harbor, financial center, and manufacturing center in China. Cultural excursions and informal sessions also introduce students to the nation's many perspectives on the United States and other foreign countries.

Meetings with Chinese executives and visits to manufacturing and shipping facilities gave Eller Executive MBA participants an insider view on China's labyrinth of enterprise, government, and culture.


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Photo of Asian temples against large city at sunset courtesy Shutterstock.