Faculty of the Eller Executive MBA program reside across departments and programs of the Eller College:

Lehman Benson III

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Executive Director, Sports Management Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Management
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Organizational Justice
  • The Effects of Time Constraints and Stress on Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Negotiation
520.621.4146 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405LL

Phillip Blanchard

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting Education
  • Managerial/Cost Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
520.621.2877 office
520.621.3742 fax
McClelland Hall 305

Susan Brown

APS Professor of MIS
MIS Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation, adoption, and diffusion of information technology
  • Computer-supported communication
  • Knowledge-based systems and knowledge management
  • E-Learning
520.621.2429 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430Q

Price V. Fishback

Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic History
  • Labor Economics
  • Political Economy and Regulation
  • Law and Economics 
520.621.4421 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 401GG

Mrinal Ghosh

Marketing Department Head
Soldwedel Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Inter-Organizational Relationships
  •  Product Form Choice
  •  Sales Force Design and Compensation
  •  Technology Marketing in Entrepreneurial Ventures
520.626.7353 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320U

Barry Goldman

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • Organizational Justice
  • Employee Legal-Claiming
  • Social Exchange
520.621.9313 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405DD

Lance Hoopes

Director, Eller Information Technology
Adjunct Lecturer in MIS
Associate Director, Information Assurance and Security Education Center

Areas of Expertise

  • Information security and information assurance
  • Information security risk management
520.621.5321 office
520.621.6361 fax
McClelland Hall 320AA

Kathleen Kahle

Professor of Finance
Thomas C. Moses Professor in Finance

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Finance
  • Capital Structure
  • Equity Issues and Repurchases
  • Insider Trading
520.621.7489 office
520.621.1261 fax
McClelland Hall 315J

Yong Liu

Professor of Marketing and Eller Professor

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative models of marketing, innovation and media strategies:

  • Innovation and business models
  • Social interactions and new media
  • Marketing strategies for media and cultural products, especially movie marketing
  • Competitive strategies for business and nonprofits
  • Firm strategies during product-harm crisis
520.621.9320 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320Q

Lisa D. Ordóñez

Vice Dean of Academic Programs
McClelland Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Judgment and decision making with applications to management and consumer behavior
  •  Ethical decision making
  •  Negative impact of goal setting systems
  •  Emotions and decision making
520.621.2238 office
520.626.7334 fax
McClelland Hall 417

Hope Schau

Eller Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Value Co-creation
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
520.626.2976 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 210L

Arvind Singh

Lecturer in Finance
Director of International Finance Programs

Areas of Expertise

  • International Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Emerging Markets Finance
520.621.1701 office
520.621.1261 fax
McClelland Hall 309

Jerel Slaughter

Eller Professor of Management
Management and Organizations Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Recruitment and Applicant Attraction
  • Counterproductive and Unethical Behavior in Organizations
  • Pre-Employment Selection Tests
  • Decision Making in Recruitment and Selection
520.621.7632 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405JJ