Information for Sponsors

The Eller Executive MBA program enables you to dramatically improve the performance of teams in your organization and build capacity overall. With students missing less than three days a month on average, your organization will experience an immediate and ongoing return on sponsorship costs.

Build Organizational Capacity

Accomplished and high-potential employees in your organization already contribute significantly to your success. The Eller Executive MBA expands their knowledge, preparing them for greater levels of responsibility, more strategic planning, and executive leadership so that they, in turn, can help guide and elevate the next generation of company leaders. Unlike a traditional two-year MBA program, the structure of the 21-month Eller Executive MBA — designed to require a minimum amount of time away from work — allows you to significantly enhance the skills and tools of your top employees without sacrificing their productivity. They continue to play a key role in your organization even as they gain the knowledge to advance their own performance and that of everyone they work with.


Capture Immediate Return on Investment

Participants in the Eller Executive MBA program learn continually, not only from faculty and assignments but from the high-performing leaders that the program attracts. Every class session imparts new insights and skills that participants take with them to work the very next week. In addition, the required Executive Project provides the opportunity for participants to address a significant challenge faced by your organization today or in the near future. With the guidance of expert MBA faculty and the team support of executives from a broad range of industries, your sponsored employee will be actively building solutions for your company, step by step, month after month.


Attract and Retain the Best

Sponsoring MBA education is more than an investment in individual employees — it's an investment in your organization as a whole. Not only will it help you retain your brightest talent, and not only will you reap the benefit of the increased knowledge and skill those employees possess, you also demonstrate by your actions your organization's commitment to quality and growth. This message encourages higher performance from employees at every level and builds your reputation among graduates who are just starting their careers as well as outstanding professionals at other organizations who may be considering a change in employment.


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