Typical Week

Eller MBA studentWhat's it like to be an Eller MBA student?

Join us for a narrative journey of the Eller MBA student's typical week:


This week begins at 9:00 a.m. with Diza Sauers’ Managerial Communication Professional Development class. This class is focused on enhancing the business management and communications skills that can really differentiate a successful MBA from the rest of the competition. A typical meeting might include students delivering mock presentations to a panel of Wall Street investors, or a collaborative discussion on the various people styles present in the workplace.

After class, we have one hour to grab a quick lunch before attending Business Strategy class. This is the classic b-school class that explores a new business case each session. It demands significant amounts of reading, group work, and focused business writing, but it significantly broadens students’ understanding of common challenges and opportunities that face companies from a wide variety of industries.

After classes end at 2:00 p.m., the rest of the day is available for team project work, individual study, and job researching.



On Tuesdays, my cohort’s classes don’t start until noon. Many students take the opportunity to schedule meetings with faculty, other students, or individuals in the Eller MBA Office of Career Development. When lunchtime rolls around, we join Merrie Brucks for our marketing class. Here, we discuss and apply fundamental marketing concepts to a wide variety of business situations using the case method.

After marketing, we switch gears and transition into finance with Thomas Gosnell. Thomas guides us through the essentials of ratios, investments, and capital budgeting. The class meetings also provide us with the opportunity to discuss current events in the news through a financial lens.

After class, many students stay on campus to discuss team projects while others return to have dinner with family and friends, and then work on projects in the evening.



Classes on Wednesdays are identical to Mondays. On Wednesdays, many students begin looking ahead to the following week’s deliverables and budgeting their time appropriately in order to complete all required tasks. Students quickly realize that dynamic prioritization is critical in business school. On this particular Wednesday evening, several MBAs attend an information session hosted by the brand management team for the the Dial Corporation.



Similar to Tuesdays, most MBAs spend Thursday morning completing project work or catching up on readings. The afternoon is spent in class and the evening marks the unofficial start of the weekend. On many Thursday nights, we have events like the visiting speakers or an MBA happy hour scheduled to wrap up the week.



We don’t have classes on Fridays, but most MBAs spend the day on campus to complete various group projects and conduct internship research. The vast amount of work of the MBA requires your complete attention and is every bit as demanding as a full-time job.



Activities on the weekend vary, but in general people try to take a break from the long week and spend time with family and friends. On a typical Saturday, you can find MBAs volunteering at the local Habitat for Humanity project house or tailgating on the UA Mall before a home football game. On Sunday evenings, the students are usually back on campus to prep for the upcoming week. It’s a rigorous schedule, but with so much activity, you’ll never hear a student say he or she is bored.


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