With over 80 faculty and six highly reputable academic departments, the Eller College of Management is able to offer a rich mix of elective offerings. If you are interested in gaining breadth in several different academic areas, there are dozens of courses from which to choose — even outside of the College.

If you want depth in a particular area such as MIS or marketing, we encourage you to consider a defined concentration in these areas. Eller MBA concentrations require 3-5 elective courses that have been designated by the faculty.

Concentration areas will help you compete effectively in the job market for particular professions. At Eller, your choices include:



The McGuire Entrepreneurship Program is highly ranked and recognized for its ability to develop personal and professional attributes critical to success — in any environment — and to nurture and strengthen the capacity to move an idea from concept to commercialization. It is a great choice if you plan to make a career change directly into an entrepreneurial venture, or if you want to return to the corporate setting with a toolkit which will prepare you to innovate from within. Entrepreneurship also adds value if you are considering private equity, management consulting, or if you are entering a smaller company with a strong growth curve. Check out the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program website for more information.



The Department of Finance at Eller provides access to a wide portfolio of courses for MBA students. A finance concentration is designed for those interested in careers including investment management, hedge funds, and private equity. It is also a good choice for those considering careers in corporate treasury, retail banking, and consumer finance. Those with solid finance backgrounds often fill management consulting jobs and corporate finance positions in other industries–for example, in mergers and acquisitions in many corporate sectors. View the Finance Department website and view Finance MBA tracks and course requirements.   


Healthcare Management

The Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare is an interdisciplinary enterprise with the mission to develop and contribute new human, strategic, and technological resources to the organization and management of healthcare delivery systems through education, research, and community partnerships. Given the critical role of healthcare enterprise in the U.S. economy, and the wide and expanding range of employment opportunities in health care and information management, CMIHC will help coordinate expanded educational opportunities for students, including a new concentration now available for Eller MBAs. The Center draws on the knowledge and expertise of Eller College faculty in all departments and programs, consistent with its interdisciplinary focus. Check out the Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare website for more information including academic areas (MBA Concentration and Graduate Experiential Learning Opportunities).


Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management information systems (MIS) is the design and management of information technology (IT) for an organization. It focuses on the best way to enable the organization to meet its goals and business challenges.

MIS professionals are the “communication bridges” between IT and the business community. They analyze, design, implement, and manage IT strategy to help solve business problems.

Visit the Department of Management Information Systems website and view MBA tracks and course requirements



Regardless of the industry, company, or country where you are employed, or the job function you perform, you gain a competitive advantage by enhancing your understanding of the marketing function. Increasingly, organizations are using marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to differentiate themselves and to compete in the global marketplace. The marketing concentration at Eller will strengthen your MBA education and prepare you for careers in brand management, market research, product development, or other marketing functions. Visit the Department of Marketing website


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