Business Communication

Success in the job market is dependent on more than your academic acumen — recruiters also look for communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to succeed in a team, personal integrity, and analytical skills.

The Business Communications course is an intensive graduate seminar with a dynamic focus on managerial communication and professional development. You’ll be immersed in a series of calibrated skill-based workshops, simulations, and individualized coaching designed to build your strategic thinking and communication skills.


A Synergistic Approach

You’ll integrate career development initiatives into your Business Communications experience through a partnership with the Office of Career Development and the Experiential Learning program. You’ll be introduced to the standards associated with your consulting project deliverables and gain exposure to the industry of your target company — plus, you’ll develop a more polished, focused, and professional persona through a strategic approach to written and verbal communications.


Communications in Action

You will tackle a combination of individual and team-based assignments that include practical exercises such as representing a company in crisis to multiple stakeholders — and you’ll receive 360-degree team feedback plus developmental feedback from executive mentors.


Diversity and Inclusion

Companies are committing themselves to a workplace and opportunity for all.  Through speakers from a few of these companies and cultural simulations, you'll learn about what Diversity and Inclusion mean in the professional world at some of the largest companies in the U.S.

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