Case Competitions

Presenting in a case competitionStrategic thinking, analytical skills, and presentation ability — three takeaways you’ll develop if you choose to take on the challenge of case competitions. We also have a case competition preparation program for those students that want to compete nationally or internationally to focus on different frameworks for approaching solutions, a variety of analysis techniques, internal competitions, and the opportunity to get valuable feedback from external judges. Some of the competitions we participate in are listed below.

Representative Case Competitions

Intel Competition — Business in Action

This annual event is an integral part of experiential learning for first-year Eller MBAs. Intel has graciously sponsored the competition for first-year students; it provides an opportunity to collaborate with fellow MBAs to address a complex business case.

Students have the chance to combine their business knowledge, analytical skills, and team building abilities in an environment that is both collegial and competitive. Cash awards to first and second place teams total $3,000.

Along with the competition, executive mentoring opportunities are available. Students receive valuable insight into their professional goals and learn about Intel Internship and Career opportunities.

Eller MBA students also have a great opportunity to compete in the John Molson MBA International Case Competition hosted by the Concordia University in Montreal, CanadaIt is one of the oldest and largest case competitions bridging the gap between corporate and academic worlds. 

As part of this case competition, teams of four students analyze and evaluate unpublished business cases using the skills, knowledge, and experience they have acquired from their respective MBA coursework. The case competition includes 7 different cases. Two of the seven cases that are featured have a different format: one “Short Case” and one “Live Case”.  The “Live Case” is the highlight of the week long competition, whereby a live presentation is given by a senior executive of a major company on a current business challenge they have been faced with. The “Short Case” is a think-on-your-feet situation where both preparation and presentation times are shorter than the more traditional cases. The winning team receives a cash prize of 10,000 Canadian Dollars.

 Other Competitions

Other case competitions in which Eller teams have recently competed include:

  • Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition, hosted by University of Illinois
  • Health Care Executives College Bowl Case Competition, hosted by the ACHE Western regional chapter
  • Grand Business Challenge in Digital Health, hosted by Boston University
  • Key Bank MBA Case Competition, hosted by the Ohio State University
  • Penn State Sustainability Case Competition, hosted by Penn State Smeal College of Business
  • Race & Case, hosted by University of Denver
  • Emerging Markets Case Competition, hosted by the University of Maryland
  • Henkel Innovation Challenge, hosted by Henkel


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