Faculty of the Eller Online MBA program reside across departments and programs of the Eller College:

Lehman Benson III

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Executive Director, Sports Management Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Management
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Organizational Justice
  • The Effects of Time Constraints and Stress on Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Negotiation
520.621.4146 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405LL

Susan Brown

APS Professor of MIS
MIS Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation, adoption, and diffusion of information technology
  • Computer-supported communication
  • Knowledge-based systems and knowledge management
  • E-Learning
520.621.2429 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430Q

Suzanne Delaney

Senior Lecturer of Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Memory
  • Cognitive Development
  • Statistics and research methods
  • Pedagogical factors that affect efficacy of online learning tools
520.621.2045 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405N

Aleksander P.J. Ellis

Stephen P. Robbins Chair in Organizational Behavior
Research Director, Center for Leadership Ethics

Areas of Expertise

  • The behavior of groups and teams in organizations
  • Counterproductive behavior, specifically unethical and deviant behavior in the workplace
  • Human resource management issues, including turnover and performance appraisal
520.621.7461 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405KK

Price V. Fishback

Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic History
  • Labor Economics
  • Political Economy and Regulation
  • Law and Economics 
520.621.4421 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 401GG

Eyran Gisches

Lecturer in MIS
Decision Behavior Laboratory Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral operations management
  • Behavioral game theory
  • Interactive decisions in networks
  • Revenue management
520.621.4546 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430N

Barry Goldman

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • Organizational Justice
  • Employee Legal-Claiming
  • Social Exchange
520.621.9313 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405DD

Lance Hoopes

Director, Eller Information Technology
Adjunct Lecturer in MIS
Associate Director, Information Assurance and Security Education Center

Areas of Expertise

  • Information security and information assurance
  • Information security risk management
520.621.5321 office
520.621.6361 fax
McClelland Hall 320AA

Yong Liu

Professor of Marketing and Eller Professor

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative models of marketing, innovation and media strategies:

  • Innovation and business models
  • Social interactions and new media
  • Marketing strategies for media and cultural products, especially movie marketing
  • Competitive strategies for business and nonprofits
  • Firm strategies during product-harm crisis
520.621.9320 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320Q

Katie Maxwell

Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Director of Accounting Undergraduate Programs

Areas of Expertise

  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting
520.621.3713 office
520.621.3742 fax
McClelland Hall 301C

Jesper Nielsen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Joseph W. Newman Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  •  Consumer psychology
  •  Emotion
  •  Learning
  •  Attention
  •  Nonconscious processing
  •  Advertising
  •  Consumer welfare
520.621.4902 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320S

Sundaresan Ram

Lecturer of Marketing
520.252.4583 office


Stanley Reynolds

Eller College Vice Dean of Faculty and Research
Eller Professor of Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial Organization 
  • Energy and Environmental Economics
  • Experimental Economics 
520.621.3787 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 417H

Diza Sauers

Professor of Practice in Business Communication
Director of Business Communication Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Communication
  • E-Learning, Simulations and Learning Technologies
  • Training and Development
  • Professional Writing and Speaking
  • Assessments Development and Implementation
  • Program Development and Evaluation
  • Experiential Learning (Communication Principles and Practices)
520.626.1253 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405K

Jeffrey Schatzberg

Department Head
Lou Myers Professor of Accounting

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral and managerial/cost accounting
  • Auditing issues
520.621.2146 office
520.621.3742 fax
McClelland Hall 301D

Hope Schau

Eller Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Value Co-creation
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
520.626.2976 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 210L