Patrice Courtney

Evening MBA Assistant Director


Patrice Courtney is proud to be a part of the Eller MBA team as the Evening Manager in Phoenix.  After managing many teams around the world, she knows there is no problem too big or too difficult that cannot be solved by a well-organized long as the team has good communication, lots of inspiration, plenty of motivation, and a collaborative spirit. Her previous experience includes 13 years with Intuit, Inc. where she was successful in many different management roles; the most exciting was as Vendor Manager, where she coordinated significant outsourcing operations in India, Ireland and the United States. She was also a Vendor Manager with Sears Holding Company and worked with a number of companies in Manila.  Originally from Wyoming, Patrice grew up in Phoenix and earned her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Arizona State University. She enjoys playing golf, and spoiling her nieces, nephews, and their children. She also enjoys fishing and the outdoors at her cabin in Colorado.